About Us

Limo Bus Lexington has provided quality limo bus service to the Lexington area for a number of years. During that time our goal has been to leave our customers happy and to get repeat business. We try and go above and beyond for every customer that we do business with and it shows.

Our Limo Buses

All of our limo buses are built by the same limo bus builder just outside of Lexington. He has a team of individuals that he employs to build, customize, and work on limo and limo buses of all shapes and sizes.

We work with this specific builder due to the fact that he has proven time and time again that he can live up to the standards in which Limo Bus Lexington abides by. This allows you to rest assured that when your limo bus pulls up to your house that you'll be ready not only impress but excited to get on board!

We set the standard

We hire individuals that are motivated to provide great customer service and not only can but want to go above and beyond. We train our expert staff that every interaction should end with the customer in a happier mood than when it began.

That is the type of people we hire and that is the greatness that we strive for. If you like how that sounds, we encourage you to browse around or call us for a free quote today.