When most of our potential clients call us they think they'll never be able to afford a limo bus. After they get off of the phone with us they quickly realize that that's just simply not true! We set the standard for quality limo bus services at an affordable rate. We're proud of this fact and you should be too. Our prices ensure that you can afford our services no matter what. We offer the most affordable pricing in Lexington so you should receive a great price every time. Our pricing fluctuates on a number of controllable variables so you can always lower the price if needed. We'll tell you how.

Upon receiving quotes, you'll see that ours are right on par with the Lexington area. However, one way to save money is to get dropped off on the main strip and hang out there all night. What this does is allow our limo bus to drop your party off and pick them up later, with no service in between. It's a lot more affordable than paying for a chauffeur all night, especially when you don't need it. Prices change based on the day of the week and the number of hours used so this is a great way to save money.

Of course it should be noted that prices tend to inflate during the period of late April to mid September. This is when proms and weddings take place and is known as our busy season. If you're looking for a more affordable rate then this is probably not the time to book.

When you are ready to schedule a limo bus be sure to pick up the phone and give us a call! We have reservation specialist on staff around the clock ready to take your call. We simply need to know your pickup location, drop off location, the number of people you need to transport, and the type of limo bus you prefer. This will provide us with an accurate quote for your event. This is an all-inclusive price that includes fuel, gratuity, and every other fee that other companies like to tack on. We pride ourselves on being honest with our pricing and it shows.